Make life work for you!

Positive Psychology Coaching are 1-to-1 conversations to help you move ahead in life & work.
We do this from a positive perspective:

Use your strengths to reach your goals – don’t let your weaknesses hold you back.
Pay attention to all that is positive in and around you – then let it help you grow happier & build resilience.
Take the best in you and your environment – and make it even better.
Re-write the story of your life – then go and tell the world!


Positivity-based Coaching

Are you at a point in life where you want to make a change, but aren’t entirely sure what or how?

In coaching conversation and using appropriate positive psychology tools, Silvia supports you on this journey. The best part of her work is seeing people like you discover opportunities they didn’t think existed, finding motivation to change, grow in the process and thrive on the success they created for themselves.

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The Humour Angle

Work is serious, life can be serious.

Research shows the importance of fun & play for our wellbeing at work and in everyday life. The key are not jokes, but developing a more playful mindset. This requires regular practice. 

Laughter Yoga can be part of this, watch our video here 

On-demand programme coming soon!

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Training & Programmes for Coaches, Mentors & Leaders

I run regularly courses, webinars and programmes for coaches, mentors and (developing) leaders.

Check out my page with upcoming events to find the latest information.

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About Silvia

Silvia King is a certified Positive Psychology Coach and Trainer.
She is an enthusiastic empowerer of people and helps them to positively change, grow and thrive.

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