Versatility is a key skill for any coach, but never more so than in cultural contexts. Whether the culture in question is a national, a team, an age group or a social group culture – an understanding of the elements at play in these situations and how to adapt is not only important to support a client towards their desired outcomes. It is also essential for a successful coaching relationship where the coachee is understood within their cultural context and individual diversity.

Silvia understands such challenges, both from personal experience and years of training. She grew up as a foreign national and spent all or most of her life outside her “home” country and language, including Switzerland, the US, UK and the UAE. She is fluent in English and German, has a passive knowledge of French and Italian, yet Arabic is still a challenge. However, as a member of multicultural teams and through remote work and collaborations in diverse settings, her experience extends beyond geographies.

“Translating” and “interpreting” cultural meanings and experiences has been a lifelong journey of exploration for Silvia that has helped her hone her intercultural skills and competences. She has developed an acute understanding of aspects around equality, equity and inclusion, and brings these skills of bridging culture and fostering understanding to her coaching conversations, but also to workshops and trainings.