Coaching Testimonials

“You held space, made me feel safe, challenged me and never abandoned me. Truly sensational!“

“Silvia asked searching questions that were thought provoking & always listened fully to the answers.”

“My confidence was at all time high while I went through the application process. I valued your personal involvement at each stage and on the finer points which helped me land the current job.”

Training Testimonials

“Silvia King is an excellent trainer. Methodical, professional and very personable. We had a lot of fun too!”  

“Silvia has a great gift, two weeks later and I remember everything she taught that day.”

Workshop Testimonials

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Thanks Silvia for your wonderful and positive session.”

“A workshop about stress or anything else can be fun if YOU are conducting it, Silvia King”