Klopf-Kongress 2020, 25 January - 2 February

I’m back at this year’s German-language Tapping Conference with an interview about fear and anxiety when speaking in a "public" setting. For free registration for the conference, click here.

Klingt das vertraut? Wenn's drauf ankommt, versagt die Stimme und die Gedanken werden wirr. Dabei kommt es oft nicht mal drauf an, ob man vor einer Gruppe oder nur im kleinen Kreis spricht!

In diesem Interview, das für den Kongress 2018 aufgenommen wurde, diskutieren wir Tipps und Übungen für solche Situationen. Hier geht's zur kostenlosen Registrierung

Positive Psychology & Happiness Conference, 13-14 November 2019

I will be presenting two workshops and talks at this conference in Dubai, make sure you don't miss it! In the first one I will talk about one of my favourite topics: humour, laughter and playfulness - and ways to harness them for improves wellbeing. In the second I will consider what has been labelled Positive Psychology 2.0 or 2nd wave. Critics argue that Positive Psychology creates a tyranny of happiness, where people feel they must be happy. But let’s face it: Nobody can be happy all the time. Positive Psychology 2.0 urges us to create space for the challenges in life. Longer-term these “negatives” may offer valuable contributions to wellbeing and happiness too.

1st Lebanese Positive Psychology Conference, 17 March 2019

I’m delighted to be speaking at the first Positive Psychology conference in Lebanon about the effect of laughter on our wellbeing. Laughter is intrinsically linked to happiness, both as expression as well as source of positive emotions. Various physiological and psychological benefits of laughter have been reported, including for the cardiovascular and respiratory system, stress reduction, mental function, reduced depressive symptoms, increased mood and self-esteem. Voluntary laughter can be introduced through Laughter Yoga. It offers a way to release negative emotions and tension while increasing positive emotions as initial studies have shown (e.g. Weinberg, Hammond, & Cummins, 2014). This session comes with a “health warning”: Laughter is contagious!

Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) Annual Conference, 14-16 March 2019

I’m delighted to be speaking at this year’s MEPA conference about Positive Psychology and positive emotions. According to the Broaden and Build Theory, positive emotions broaden attention and cognition, and – in an upward spiral – improve emotional wellbeing and resilience longer-term. Strength-based Positive Psychology coaching, for example, works with humour and laughter as one of 24 character strengths to support individuals to reach their goals. In my workshop, we will be looking at ways to harness positive emotions.

The German-language Tapping Conference 21-29 July: Klopf-Kongress 2018!

I’m delighted to be speaking at this year’s Klopf-Kongress about fear and anxiety when speaking in a public setting – whether it is at work or at your children’s school or even a conference. To register for the conference, click here.

Ich freue mich ganz besonders, dieses Jahr eine der Referentinnen am Klopf-Kongress 2018 zu sein. Mehr zum Thema und wie Du Dich anmelden kannst, erfährst Du hier.


More trainings, events and workshops coming soon.

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