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Silvia King

Positivity-based Coaching & Training

Laughter Yoga

How does Laughter Yoga work?

This is a question I get asked very often - and sometimes, a picture (or even a video!) really says more than a thousand words. ...

The power of “thank you”

Last night I gave a talk on the topic of gratitude. It is one of the VIA character strengths and defined as “being aware of ...

Why work should be child’s play

I vividly remember a former boss of mine who told me that I couldn’t be working hard enough because I seemed far too happy. Definition ...

It's the "public" bit of speaking that trips us up

Whether it is a big stage or just having to make a point in a conversation, "stage fright" can creep up on us when we ...

Do something you enjoy: Have a laugh!

Improving your sense of wellbeing is typically associated with a lot of seriousness like gyms and meditation. As the saying goes: No pain, no gain ...

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